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March 2019 EAG News

President Notes March 2019

The weather prevented our February presenter, Carol Thomas, from coming from Sullivan. We did have 18 members make it to the meeting. Ham Hampton was our artist of the month & talked about his paintings that he brought in & art in general. There are pictures of Ham & his art along with 5 or 6 members that brought paintings to show. We have a very talented group. It’s nothing you don’t already know! March refreshments will be provided by Annabelle Black & Nancy Anderson. February’s Valentines themed refreshments & monthly raffle items were provided by Doris Johnson & Barb Althoff. Thanks Doris for all your help & donating your art work for the January & February raffles!

To all EAG members: We have a great guild and to continue into the future we need members to step forward and help in many different ways. This May we must elect by vote three new officers, President, Vice President & Secretary.

According to the EAG Bylaws, this is done by the current president recruiting a 3 person committee & assigning Chair to one. This has been done & our election committee Chair will be Stacey Zerrusen with members Carolyn Lambert & Ham Hampton on the committee. Please think of how you could help & in what capacity & when the committee begins to work towards the May goal of electing new officers & needs your help, please give their requests serious thought. None of the present officers will stop helping & will be there to help but they will no longer work in their present capacity after the June 11th meeting.

March Presentation

Bonnie Siebert will present at our March 12th meeting. Bonnie will lead us through painting on wine glasses or other bottles. Bonnie is our extremely talented Vice President & has created many beautiful pieces on all kinds of glass. You need not bring any supplies but if you have a wine glass or another piece of glass that you would like to paint, bring it along! We will have wine glasses & possibly wine bottles for you to choose from.

Ham Hampton – Featured Artist of the Month!

EAG Information

Workshop March 16th
To SAC members and friends: Workshop time is quickly approaching March 16. As in prior years we will meet at the St. Columcille Catholic Church in the 600 W. block of Jackson St. (Hwys. 32/121) from 9:00 a.m. to about 3:00 p.m., in the southeast room. I will be conducting the workshop on acrylic painting. Attached is a photo of a painting which will serve somewhat as a model for what we’ll be doing in class. We will be concentrating on aerial perspective, the giving of the feeling of depth in a painting. I took 3 photos of the painting, and decided on this one, though it is not entirely accurate. The warm colors in the background are somewhat warmer than the original, and the darks in the foreground are less dark. However, I’ll bring the original to serve as a guide. I’m going to encourage individual creativity, so you may prefer to make your painting more like the photo. If the latter, you might want to make a copy and bring it to class. Or you may prefer an entirely different interpretation of the scene. Art is basically creativity, not copying.

Following is a list of recommended supplies to bring with you to class:
• Cadmium Yellow, Lt. or Hansa Yellow (to avoid cadmium) and yellow ochre
• Cadmium Red (or whatever you have, and mix with yellow) and possibly Alizarin Crimson
• Ultramarine Blue and possibly the warmer Cerulean Blue also
• Any orange, or you can mix yellow and red
• Any purple or lavender (or plan to mix blue and red for your own version)
• Burnt Sienna and Burnt Umber
(IF ABSENT OF ANY OF THESE COLORS, or if you’ve never tried working with acrylics before, I plan to have enough to share with you. Or let me know, and it may be that I could send off an order to possibly Dick Blick’s for what you need if you don’t have enough to justify an order.)
A painting surface and size of your choice. I plan to paint on a 16×20 stretched canvas.
BRUSHES: Bring what you’re comfortable with. I sometimes even use watercolor brushes with acrylics since they’re water-soluble, though the longer brushes are preferable. To do this painting I used only 3 brushes–a soft-haired (non-bristle)1” Linzer polyester brush (bought at ACE Hardware for about $2), a long-handled #12 soft-haired flat brush, and a #1 short-handled Script Brush. I may use the same in class.
A PALLETTE of some kind. Inasmuch as acrylics dry rather fast, I’d recommend something you can mix your paints in that has a cop to shut it off from the air. Some are available at art supply stores, but I am using a 14x11x3 ¼ semi-clear plastic Sterilite container with a clamp-down lid. I purchased for about $6 at the Dollar General Store. I layer the bottom with a few thicknesses of damp paper towels, upon which I cut out a piece of parchment paper, which is available at grocery stores. I dampen the surface before putting in my paints. I am able to keep my acrylics (and water-soluble oils) dry for days or even weeks if I remember to spray them occasionally. If you don’t go this route, bring some plastic wrap that you can cover your palette when not in use.
• WATER CONTAINERS: It is recommended that you have 2–one for cleaning brushes and one to wet brushes,
but I usually use just one–a big one, and empty and refill occasionally.
• A PALLETTE KNIFE OR PAINTING KNIFE for mixing paints, or for painting, if you wish.
• ACRYLIC MEDIUM is helpful, especially when paints become stiff.
• PAPER TOWELS to wipe brushes, etc.
• VINYL DISPOSABLE GLOVES available at Dollar General) are helpful to keep your hands free of paint. They have health benefits, too, especially if you use Cadmiums, since cadmium on the skins can get into
the blood stream, I’m told, and can cause cancer.
• CHARCOAL PENCIL OR STICK for lightly sketching before painting. A pencil’s okay, but more
troublesome if you need to erase it. Charcoal will brush off easily.
• PLIERS come in handy for removing stubborn paint tubes.
• EASEL to prop up your painting while you’re painting.
To save class time, you may want to prepare your canvas by applying a light coat of acrylic to eliminate the bright white of canvas. I usually use Burnt Sienna or Raw Siena, but others use other colors or mixtures. I find the ones I use useful for ground color, or even some sky colors. If you preopare the canvas ahead of class time you may want to do a sketch of the attached scene.

2019 Shelby County Art Show Information

This is a great opportunity to show your art and the critiques & awards are good. Below is the show info & Entry Form. You can print the form & info from dckess@consolidated.net.

March Meeting Information
The Effingham Art Guild has submitted the entry form to the Artisan Fair to have a booth this year. Please contact Chris Detwiler & Bonnie Siebert if you wish to join them & display your art for sale.
The Children’s Art Show will be April 11th through the 13th with delivery of art on Wednesday, April 10th. Those of you that have signed up to help, please check your calendars because we will need all hands on board. We want this year to be as successful as previous years.
Members please let me know of any awards or other pertinent info. We are going into the busy show season & their is no way I can know who deserves recognition & for what.
Also, please continue to bring your art to meetings, we love it. Below is the folks & their art from the February meeting.

EAG  Received Grant
Effingham Art Guild received $750 for the Effingham  County Children’s Art Show, Pictured from left are Carlyn Lamber, Executive  Director of the Effingham Art Guild and Amanda Lessley, President/CEO of Southeastern Illinois Community  Foundation. 

Southeastern Illinois Community Foundation announced that three area nonprofits have been named receipients of the 2018 Bill and Jacquelyn Jordan Anderson Visual Arts grant.  A total of $5,000 has been awarded to Arts Connection of Central Illinois, Effingham Art Guild and Effingham Artisan Fair. 

The Bill and Jacquelyn Jordan Anderson Fund for Visual Arts, A Fud of Southeatern  Illinois Illinois Community Foundation, is committed to supporting arts programs in Effingham Couty.  For More information, contact Amanda Lessley President CEO, at 217-342-4988 or ameanda@enrichingourcommunity.org.

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