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Liz Niemeyer

Address: 46 Hotchkiss Lane Candler NC 28715
Contact Information (email/phone number): liz.niemeyer@gmail.com 828-633-0349
Instagram: @lizinappalachia website: lizniemeyer.com
Mediums Used: oil, acrylic, ink

Liz Niemeyer is a painter who contemplates the cycles of nature. An Illinois native, she is struck by the experience of being immersed in a forest or standing, in reverential awe, on a mountain bald. When she moved to North Carolina in 2009, this land became her muse. She seeks to invoke a sense of childlike wonder in her work and is inspired by her own children’s embodiment of unrestrained play. Using this sense of playfulness, coupled with her traditional art training, her art can take the viewer to magical, wonderful places. She hopes her paintings remind other humans to respect and deeply regard nature and its rhythms and help us remember our true nature of being energetically connected to everything. Liz received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Eastern Illinois University in 2008.

Examples of work: astral bodies, acrylic on paper, 9×12″, 2019
ginkgo (to help remember), oil on canvas, 26×30″, 2014
sycamore in West Virginia, oil on canvas, 28×32″, 2014
mountain mermaid, mixed media on canvas, 11×14″, 2019
oak silhouette, oil on canvas, 36×60″, 2019