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Stacey Zerrusen

Name: Stacey Zerrusen
Address: 15605 N 2100th St, Teutopolis, IL 6246
Contact Information (email/phone number):
staceyzerrusen@yahoo.com or 217-821-8064
Mediums Used: Acrylic

As a child, I was always inventing, creating, exploring and making messes.  I was fortunate enough to have a mom that encouraged these behaviors.  Once I reached Junior High, my mom signed me up for some private art lessons with Becky Marcussen.  She continued to push me in a variety of media throughout Junior High and High School.   I attended college through Eastern Illinois University after High School and received my Bachelor of Arts degree.  During this time, I began teaching art classes at ARC Community Support Systems to adults with disabilities.  This was such a rewarding experience that convinced me to further my education and get my post Baccalaureate degree with teacher’s certification.  I am now the 1st through 12th grade Art Teacher at Dieterich Unit #30, a position that challenges me and pushes me every day to be my best self.

Several years ago, my husband Sean asked me if I could do anything without risk of failure, what would it be?  After lots of thinking, I knew that my dream was to get back to creating my own work.  Around this time, I joined the Art Guild where I was surrounded by so many inspirational artists.  I finally dove into painting again.  I love creating barn quilts and portraits of a variety of animals.

I currently reside in rural Teutopolis with my husband, Sean, and three children, Ty, Leo, and Millie.  Leo and Millie frequently attend Art Guild meetings and remind me so much of the child I once was, always exploring, creating, and keeping their mom on her toes. Examples of work: (I sent a few more from my phone.)