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January 2011 Meeting Notes

Happy New Year to you all!

As we start out the 2012 part of the art guild year let me wish you all the best. I heard great comments about the Christmas potluck and want to thank everyone for keeping it together.  Barb Brummer was very helpful and I know she had lots of help from Nancy Guilliams and Jan Von Bokel.  If I miss someone just know you are appreciated.

The 13th was spent at St. Anthony’s where I got the best Christmas present ever, a new hip! It honestly feels great and although I have to be careful for a few more weeks it is so much better.  I drove after 10 days and only used a walker for about a week.  I only have problems when I want to put on shoes or pick something up off the floor.  I didn’t realize how often I drop something. Thanks to St. A, my sister Jann and friends who kept me entertained for the first few days. The experience was better than expected.

January Meeting at Hendelmeyer…. Dee Siegmund will demonstrate.

Our meeting falls on the 10th of January and with luck the weather will hold out as our presenter will be Dee Siegmund of Mahomet, Il. Dee has been an EAG member for many years and often attends our workshops. She has been developing her skills  in oil painting for some time.  At the Southern Illinois Art Workshop she was using a technique starting with transparent oil paint and the building up a finished product. Attendees were fascinated with her productivity. Her approach and knowledge will be shared with us on the 10th at 7pm at the Park District Building on South 4th Street, Effingham.

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    Feb..Ham Hampton
    March.. Sue Drummond and John Gabb
    April.. Lynn Reznick and jSharon Moss
    May,, Nancy Guilliams and Regina Heitman
    June.. Annual Potluck and project unveiling

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