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New Show Oportunity for EAG members 2013

To All Effingham Art Guild members,

We have been invited to hang a new show at Dr. Kevin Malone and Dr. Jim Flaig’s office. They are located at 900 w. Temple ave. in the big Medical center facing North. They  Would like us to hang around 30 paintings throughout the clinic. Drop off is Feb. 18th at 9 a.m til 4p.m…Each artist will be allowed two paintings each and please make sure they are properly framed and labeled on the back..The hanging committee will inspect each one for the show. There will be a display case if any artist would like to show a small sculpture or any 3d piece of art. The doctors will decide which pieces of art will be on display for the show. All selected work will hang for 12 months and if a painting is sold in that period of time the artist needs to contact the hanging committee to either replace the painting or to find another artist who can…Any sales are the responsibility of the artist. Any paintings not selected for the show can be picked up the following day. The Doctors will be planning a reception and evening opening for the artist, The dates will be announced later.

Please contact  Jan VonBokel if you have any questions,,217-821-3135


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